If you are looking to build a fantastic burning wood fire, then you must not look past the role and importance of kindling in getting that fire going. Good burning wood fires must contain some basic materials, these are considered to be tinder, kindling and a fuel such as firewood.  

Main Materials Needed for a Wood Fire 


Tinder is the first material needed to start a wood fire. To get a fire started, you need material which is going to ignite very easily under heat, this material must always be completely dry in order to ignite. Typical materials used for tinder purposes can include dry grasses, leaves, thin wood bark, and even paper is a great source for easy ignition. A material can be considered effective for tinder if it is relatively short in length, and dry. Essentially tinder is the material which kickstarts the fire, which leads on to the role of kindling.


Kindling is used once the fire has ignited from the use of tinder. Once that fire has started, you need to add some flammable material to make sure it does not die out. Kindling, like tinder, must be dry otherwise it will struggle to catch fire and light. Kindling materials are generally larger in size in comparison to tinder materials, this is because these materials must be able to keep the fire burning long enough to ignite the fuel. Sticks, dead tree branches, twigs, and chunks of tree bark, are all great sources of kindling. 


Your fire is now beginning to take shape and is burning, but pieces of kindling are not going to make the fire last forever, you need some sort of fuel to keep the fire burning for long periods of time. Dried logs are perfect for this exact purpose. Kiln dried and air dried logs are fantastic sources of fuel, and are very popular for wood fires. You can purchase kiln dried and air dried firewood here at Arbworks Firewood. Large dead tree branches or dry dead trees are also ideal as fuel sources, which you can find lying around.

The importance of kindling 

Kindling is placed gradually to slowly heat your fire, and allows your fire to keep burning long enough to be able to light your fuel source. As previously mentioned, it is critical that your kindling is dry. Wet or damp kindling will be no good for your fire, as it will struggle to or even fail to ignite. You can essentially think of kindling as the glue which holds the fire together. With regards to fire safety, kindling ensures your fire is stable while it burns, and creates the perfect environment for it to do so. 

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