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Firewood from North Wales

Hardwood & Softwood Logs for Online Ordering

Are you looking for firewood for your log burner or wood-burning stove? At Arbworks we supply fire wood logs to residential and commercial properties within North Wales regions. We supply our customers with softwood and hardwood firewood and logs.

Our Firewood

Kiln Dried & Air Dried Firewood North Wales

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Kiln Dried Logs

Hardwood & Softwood Logs

Dried to a moisture level of less than 15% in our own kiln, Arbworks Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are Ready to Burn. We guarantee a moisture content of below 15% for our kiln dried Hardwood.

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Air Dried Logs

Hardwood & Softwood Logs

Airdried Logs are available with low moisture content. They should be kept in a dry location for logs to breathe to further season.